Bush Lied: Thousands Died

Cindy Sheehan!
The Ithaca and Tompkins County, NY Delegation to Cindy Sheehan protest in Crawford, TX.

Now in 20 states!
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Bush has got to go. Now more than ever.

And we're working to make sure he does. So join us. Start a Bush Must Go! group in your area. Put out a yardsign and help raise awareness. Join our discussion list. Buy a bumper sticker.

We're not getting into that Kerry versus Nader argument. That goes nowhere. And, we're not the Democrats. We're beyond parties. We know how the electoral system works. We know what has to be done to get Bush out.

And, we know that the day after the election, the important work will just be getting started.

Get your yardsigns out now! Here's Bruce Springsteen with his!

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